Cannalytics Retail: advanced analytics and unprecedented customer insights to optimize and scale your business

Actionable Intelligence

Intelligible, interactive views of your business’s performance that provide actionable insights, including:

  • Products and brands contributing most – and least – to your profitability.
  • Unique customer segments driving trends – alongside their email/phone contact.
  • Inventory recommendations, including what & when to reorder and for which locations, and trends you may be missing.
  • Budtender performance including sales target contributions and average discount rates by employee.

Advanced Customer Profiling & Segmentation

Our one-of-a-kind customer segmentation model leverages the behavior and purchasing patterns of your own customers to generate tailored contact lists for powerful and targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Demographic, psychographic, and health indexes provide a detailed customer profile for each segment to help you identify your target audience and craft relevant, impactful marketing messaging
  • For example, find your Discount Divas – a group of customers who are likely to try multiple products, and appreciate a good deal – to target with soon to expire products

How it works

Powerful data

Mine insights from your own POS Data

Cannalytics’ intuitive dashboards deliver actionable insights into sales trends, identify critical customer segments, and reveal which products and brands contribute most to profitability – at a single dispensary or across multiple locations.

Take action to improve your business performance

Utilize Cannalytics’ business intelligence to inform targeted marketing campaigns, optimize inventory, drive store traffic, and increase profit margins. Filter across a range of product, customer and health data to drive business value by answering specific commercial questions. Select data and visualizations for scheduled email delivery based on individual preferences and business needs.