Retail Insights

Optimize retail performance, and improve revenue and margins by understanding the drivers impacting your KPIs. Use dashboards like Multi-Location Sales Trends and Top Products by Category/Manufacturer to answer:

  • Which of my store locations has the highest sales margins and what products or brands are driving those?
  • How do my month-over-month sales compare to my year-over-year sales?
  • What are my customers’ purchasing trends during a given time frame (ie. the week before 4/20)?
  • What brands and products are selling best in my store? What products or brands should I discontinue?
  • Who of my budtenders is generating the most revenue? Who needs additional training?

Achieve specific business objectives including:

  • Identifying your top discounted product/brands to understand how they affect your margins.
    For example: You may see that you only have a 10% margin for a specific manufacturer. You can then cross filter to see what percentage of the overall sales for that manufacturer are discounted and even get down to the product level details to see whether there’s a specific SKU or product with a low margin or a more widespread issue across all products from that manufacturer or brand.
  • Optimize inventory and ensure you always have the hottest product assortment in stock — and tailored to your customers’ purchasing preferences
  • Identify over- and underperforming retail locations and understand why

Marketing Insights

With access to our powerful yet intuitive advanced customer segmentation model and product category wallet share, you’ll gain a new depth of understanding of your customers’ behavior and profiles — enabling you to target them with tailored and effective marketing campaigns and discounts. What’s more, the Forian Data factory combines your POS data with Forian’s vast, proprietary consumer data set to give you insight into your customers beyond your POS data alone, allowing you to answering questions like:

  • How can I target customers based on their interests, hobbies, lifestyles and income?
  • Which of my customers would be most receptive to a certain promotion based on their purchase history?
  • Does a certain age or gender group have a higher propensity to purchase certain products, brands or categories?
  • Are my geographic targeting measures serving the right products to the right people in the right place?
  • What trends am I seeing with my first time purchasers versus returning? Loyalty vs. non loyalty?

Achieve specific business objectives including:

  • Creating customized deals and promotions with messaging that resonates with specific customer segments.
    For example: Your “Mainstays” always purchase the same type of product, so you wouldn’t want to send them a promotion for a just released edible product. That message should be targeted towards your “Trialers”, who tend to try different products each time they visit.
  • Know which products and brands make the most sense to carry in each location based on the customer demographics and purchasing trends in that dispensary.

Health Insights

An industry first: Forian’s Data Factory combines your dispensary POS data with de-identified patient healthcare data to gain health insights into your customers, with dashboards like Top Selling Products by Condition & Rx (prescription). Answer questions like:

  • How might my customers be self-treating their medical conditions with cannabis?
  • What products are people with a certain medical condition like sleep disorders purchasing?
  • Which medical conditions do my customers who drive the most revenue seem to have?

Achieve specific business objectives including:

  • What products/brands to carry based upon your customer’s health insights. For example – if 33% of your overall customer base take prescription medications for pain, you may notice that the majority of them purchase specific strain types (e.g., Hybrid) or strains (e.g., Gorilla Glue), and perhaps prefer specific manufacturers and brands.
  • How to focus retail displays or build campaigns that market products toward certain conditions (“People with sleep issues like this product”)

Why Cannalytics?

We make it easy to understand your business & improve results

Our intuitive dashboards deliver unparalleled insights by combining your POS data with Forian’s proprietary data sets

Robust Customer Insights

Master customer insights including key personas and segments and dive into their personal interests, education levels, and even health, wellness & self-care practices to improve targeting

Advanced Analytics

Improve business performance by maximizing customer understanding, delivering key insights about products, and tracking market dynamics over time

Actionable Intelligence

Access insights at the product, brand, inventory, budtender and individual customer levels

Intuitive Dashboards & Customizable Emails

Easily navigate through comprehensive and intuitive dashboards that deliver real-time actionable insights, plus automatically receive customized email reports delivered on your schedule

Health, Wellness & Self-Care Insights

Learn which products are preferred by individuals who share a condition or take a prescription to refine targeting and guiding product recommendations